Fan of Cigs

A Tribute to Jim Jarmusch. People got down on him after he put out Coffee and Cigarettes. It had its moments......I.E. Delirium.... Bill Murray with Gza and Rza. That one is to much to handle! "Yo your Bill Murray." I just saw his latest movie Broken Flowers. Wow what a movie. Jim jarmusch blew me away with Ghost Dog, this one sent me into outer space. It amazes me how little dialog he has in his films, but yet his characters are so developed. They convay so much emotion I guess words are not needed. Also I love the music he layers throughout his movies. There are only a few directors alive that use music like he does. He is probably the best.

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Andy Montgomery said...

Nice shots man... Good to see you're online. Didn't know you were such an outdoorsman. :)

Hey, don't you owe me some artwork?


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