Missing Color

I found out today that I got into the Meet me Downtown Festival, in Boco Raton. Suppose to be a really good one. Its been going on for 24 years, so thats a plus. This will be my second art festival. I was in Volo's Mayfair by the Lake last May. I plan on doing a lot more this coming year. I will keep you posted on the progress leading up to the show. I have a lot of work to do with my display and new Poloraids that I intend to frame. I only wish I owned a frame shop......

On the photo: I'm sure a lot of you have seen images like this one, but since I have been on this nature posting kick I thought I would post this one. It was taken in Alabama, the last time I got to hang with my good friend Patrick Brown(ShadowDetails.com).

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vanckirby said...

failed to mention u got "best in show" ($2k) at mayfaire by the lake!!!


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