The whole HOUSE series has about 9 images in it. I used these images in a book of poems that I made last year. The title of the book is; A Flawless Chime of Romance and Reality. I'm not so sure I will post the poems but I might. I think I"m the ONLY one reading this Blog anyway so it might not matter.

News: I just took up duck hunting this year. I have only been twice and I have to say its some kind of fun. If you have never been find a way to go. We are going again on Saturday. I will have some pictures posted on myspace if you want to check them out. Other than that I have no news to report. I have to throw out a prayer for the Buccaneers. They play Washington this Saturday and I hope they come away with a W.


bianca said...

Do you eat the duck you hunt?

Richard P. said...

Yeah, we are having a big duck roast on the 27th you should come!

Megan Edge said...

you are not the Only one reading your blogs.
i am intrigued now...
i really do like your work. so much that i made an account just to tell you that! =) sorry to read that the boca thing didnt pan out the way you wanted, but that's wonderful that you got to do the show. good for you!


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