Nature Responded

I have been wanting to post a butterfly shot for sometime now but that image brings back a lot of bad memoirs, so I waited and decided to post this one. I think the phrase is very interesting. Nature often effects how we consume things, and of course the same goes with us. There will always be a war between nature and Humans. A film maker that convey's this point pretty much in all of his movies is Terrence Malick. If you haven't seen his movies your missing out on a dying form of cinema.

Speaking of a Battle....This is Super Bowl Sunday. I'm picking the Steelers to win over the Seahawks. Score 27 to 21..... Rothlisberg is only in his second year.....Un-real..I'll be cooking up some Rothlisbergers and some duck. Next year i'll be in Miami watching the Bucs win there Second Super Bowl.

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