the Queen

Here we go with a bunch of Polaroids. These are Polaroid Colleges as I like to call them. I use Sx-70 film and then I add different elements to the back of the Polaroid. I make up words and phrases to go along with the image. They say every picture is worth a thousand words. This technique goes away from that. The only thing digital is the black boarded around the polaroid. I have to use it because my background is white. This technique was developed over a year ago by me and now its pretty much all I do. I have sold a bunch of these and I had to scan them to keep a record of them, and now that I'm blogging I can share them with you. I hope you enjoy the month of February.


vanckirby said...

boooo, i want more hunting pics.

Patrick Cavan Brown said...

Looking great, buddy...loving it. can't wait to see more!


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