Botticelli..I used a lot of words and drawings of his....Went fishing yesterday. I needed a day off after a wedding I shot. You should be able to see the big ass bass I caught once they are posted @ FlaDuckDays. Oh just a shut out to my fans... Guys most of the work is for sell so, if you like something drop me a line.

Price: $100.00


Megan Edge said...

i went back through your work and i think i've decided that this is my fav piece of what you've posted so far. either this or the society one. i LOVE that one too...makes me want to lay in a field of daisies. i'm envious of your fishing. i imagine the weather in florida is perfect right now. i miss it.

Richard P. said...


Thanks for the comments. when you come back to fl....you will have to come fishing with us....


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