Darkness awaits

A older lady came to my booth at the boca show and commented on this Polaroid. She said, "Wow I don't agree with this saying, when I go I'm going to a happy place." Its very interesting how people interrupt your work. This image had nothing to do with heaven or hell. But this lady couldn't get pass the darkness. To me this image is about the roll reversals our generation has taken on in the 21st century. Back then it was about family...now its about me...and what do I get. If we could only keep the top on the bottle. Aaaaaa...but would it be a happy place?


vanckirby said...

can u "keep the top on the bottle" and join ryan and i with our all water diet?

Ryan Wilson said...

TOUGH...that's a challenge if I've ever seen one...you man enough Richie?

Richard P. said...

Alright i'm starting...how about no soda diet for me!!

vanckirby said...

nope, water and nothing else!


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