Ok, I have to vent. Like I always do when I get home I check my blog. To see if there are any new comments and to see if its up and running. I plug in the address to Safari and sure enough its still up!!! Hey thats a plus. I look down....I see a new comment on one of my post. Hey that a plus! I read the comment. And I get pissed as hell.... The balls of a person to leave a #$#@'ing advertisement on my site. I know I should be happy that someone I don't know left a comment but......I'm not....Its not right to get on someone's blog and leave a comment for an advertisement on HOW TO EARN MONEY. I'M NOT TRYING TO EARN MONEY PAL. Thats not the reason behind my blog! And for you to get on my blog and say "Very nice!" makes me sick to my stomach. The thought of you moving you slimming mouse over my images makes me want to puke through my nose. Low u are and low you will stay.....


crossgirl said...

it's not personal. spammers hit blogs all the time, usually killing a good thread. i think there are some filtering things you can do if it gets out of hand.

but anyway, i LOVE this stuff. thanks for sharing the link. your straight shots are nice but these are really special. looking forward to seeing them in person at mayfaire.

vanckirby said...

its not a person, its a computer programed to post ads. just put on a filter and chill bro!


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