Visions Blossom

Mayfaire by the Lake was a great Success. I sold a lot of work and got a lot of ideas for the future. Its always exciting to see and hear people talk about your work. The people that help me pull this show off, I would like to give a big thank you. My father, Cannon Kirby(for helping me cut matts, set up booth), Ryan Wilson(for printing my flyers.) I'm sure there are a few that I"m leaving out but I can't remember right now.

This Polaroid, is the first one done with the new film(Type 779). I will get into some detail about it later. This one sold to the Kirby's.. It went to a good home.........

May Visions blossom for you this week.


vanckirby said...

i like this one! oh yeah, i purchased this one. my mother loved it.

Karis said...

new film?! what the what? richie you need to explain to me whats going on.

oh and i love it. everything looked great for mayfair. congratulations m dear.


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