Calling Bogart

Well, boys and girls I have been talking about it for some time. I promised I would get old Bogy up on the blog and here he is. 16 Polaroids. I just wish the other two got scanned but, I ran out of time. So here you go. I hope you enjoy, tell your friends to drop by and say hello to Mr. Bogart...and remember Progress is our Most Important Product


Ryan Wilson said...

Hello Mr. Bogart.

Nice work, Chucker. That thing is HUGE! Guess you finally got rid of all those corrupted files Cannon helped you scan. I'm sure it was his fault.

Bogart looks good on the blog.

Richard P. said...

thanks bro.

yeah cannon....i have been telling him for years.....IBM....sucks

mike said...

That looks awesome. Post the other two!

and yeah I havn't been shooting lately, I've just been working like crazy but I think I think I'll free up some time soon.

Megan Edge said...

wow richard...it's fantastic.
i want to see how you do these things! keeps on amazing me...good for you! hope things are well in your world.

vanckirby said...

looking good, bro. and i thought macs couldnt get a virus? hmm... just remeber that you wouldnt be posting any of these pics if it wasnt for my "crappy IBM" and my "crappy scanner"


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