Three Graces From Spring

I need to take a dip into the spring and get some motivation for doing some more polaroids. I haven't felt it lately. Usually I do a couple every now and then, just odd ones left over from the last shows. Flashback......there use to be this hot-spring in California. We use to go camping there all the time. It was out in the middle of $#@$% no where. Not many people knew about it. Anyway, we use to go there and drink and do other things but what I remember most is sitting in that spring and coming up with ideas and things that I wanted to work on....and not just in the art world but in my life. Looking back on it, it was like every time you left that place you had a new outlook on life. This Polaroid is based on on that spring. When I make it back to Cali.... that will be the first place I'll go.


Melissa said...

this one is super pretty... i don't know what your work means at all but maybe you could let me know and add me to myspace...

vanckirby said...

"other things" hmm... what could that of been that gave you such clear illumination and motivation?


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