There are some real cowboys in Cuba. I got to hang out with these guys for a while. They were taking a break from working in the fields. I took a few pictures with my mamiya 7 then I left. Before I left I gave all the guys lighters. They were so excited! I couldn't believe it, their smiles were rim to rim! So, I'm about to leave and the lady calls over to our guide and they have a talk....and he comes back to me and says the lady is mad that you didn't offer her a lighter because she smokes to. I told my translator to apologize for me and to tell her i thought she didn't smoke. I gave her my last lighter and she gave me the biggest hug....mind you she hardly had any teeth left...i'm just glad she went for the hug not a kiss!


Ryan Wilson said...

Hilarious! Good story...wish I would've been there to watch it go down.

We all need to go to Cuba. Richie can show us the ropes down there.

vanckirby said...

luv it!

jen said...

great story, richie!

we know you secretly wished she had planted a big sloppy kiss on ya! mmmmmmmmmmmmm!


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