Little Girl Blue

Trinidad, Cuba is a relic of the early days of the Spanish colony. It was founded in 1514. Cortes set out from here for Mexico in 1518, but despite this early start it remained a haven for smugglers until the late 18th century. Smugglers brought slaves and gold from British Jamaica, but all this changed in the early 19th century when a slave revolt in Haiti caused French planters to flee to Trinidad. Trinidad is one of the oldest cities in Cuba. You talk about color...Its out of this world....I'm walking along the road and I see this door. This huge BLUE door. It starts opening and I'm expecting a large person to come out. My camera is locked and reading to fire. I'm waiting and waiting...I'm like who is opening this door because all i'm seeing is darkness? Then all of a sudden a little girl peers out.....I took a few before she realized I was there. If I make it back to Cuba, I will find this door and give them a print of this. Lets hope they don't paint the door....

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vanckirby said...

hey, i own this one too


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