The name "hopscotch" is a compound of "hop" and "scotch", meaning "scratched line", occurring first in 1789 and becoming common in the 19th century. There are many other forms of hopscotch played across the globe. In Malaysia, it is known as ting-ting or ketengteng. In Brazil it is known as Amarelinha, in many Spanish-speaking countries, it is known as Rayuela......its amazing how games bring the world together!!


crossgirl said...

hoping the look on that girl's face isn't because you're a better player than her.

vanckirby said...

no, she looks like that cause richie bailed on plans he had with her for another girl!

Video Editor said...

Whats going on here, is your theme this month not to post anything?

Well.... is it?

Video Editor said...
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