Polaroid Transfer

Aaaaaa the Polaroid Transfer. Polaroid Transfer's have been around forever. I just got a Daylab for Christmas so I have been trying it out for a while. Still don't have it down, with the color and all but hey I still love the look. Its got such an old-timy look. This shot was taken in Cuba in 2000.


Video Editor said...

i love the color, i wish i could do a film with a similar color scheme

Richard P. said...

well, if we had the big bucks we could, but we don't.....But we could get the old Cannon in there and mess with the color.....! Great look for the next film...!!!!

Lala said...

You did an amazing job with the transfer - so good.

Jice said...

Yeah, the colors are great. I've just discovered your blog and i love it. You're doing great things.


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