Mortal State

I made this Polaroid after the death of my aunt Geri. She died of cancer in April. She was 80 years old, what a life she had. After the funnel, the family got together at her house. I was looking through the old photo albums that she put together. It was really great. Nothing like old photos, they really do have a since of timelessness. I wonder if the photos of our time will have that same effect...


Karis said...

richie i love all of these polaroids.
they are all beautiful.

sometime soon.
(after june 20)
we should get together and art it up.


jen said...

lovely tribute to your Aunt... pretty and bittersweet... a great combination.

i hope that the photos we are creating are something that resonates with our kids and grandkids... i think that would be their greatest achievement...


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