That Time of the Month Again

Every month I like to post a self-portrait of myself. Since I did not take a picture of mySELF this month, I decided to post a couple of Portraits....of me. These were taken by Van Cannon Kirby. That is a link to one of his MANY blogs. And ladies, I am single and no you can not find my phone number on this blog, but if you bring me Homemade Cookies and Milk, I might just give it to ya. Sorry, I just finished watching Stranger Than Fiction. Very good movie, It was nice to see Will Ferrell in a different role. I hope he does some more in the future.

Photoblog To Watch
Twin Lens


jen said...

Whattaa hottie!

This pic looks so snazzy... it looks like a clothing ad or a bio pic for your bestselling polaroid coffee table book.... hmmmm.

crossgirl said...

I make the best cookies! Oh wait, I already have your number. No cookies for you!!!

Great pics.

Richard P. said...

ooo that was cold!!! Me and Cannon were just talking about you. We were wondering how you have been and if you have done any shows lately? I hope you doing well.

vanckirby said...

cannon and i

Richard P. said...

your always second when it comes to Fuse ball why not english!!

Britney said...

Nice coat. =) Bring it to me so I can fix that button.


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