Got some new Polaroids to post for the month of December. I hope you guys enjoy them. This one (The Lips) is one of my favorites. I really like the design of it. And its pretty clean and a simple image. I have been trying to do less and it seems to be working....sometimes. One thing I have found out is...its hard to produce art everyday. Leave a comment if you like, would love to hear your thoughts.


stéphanie said...

Ive found your website link in the blog "treats and treasures", and I like your work, I dig polaroids too:)
By the way, I dont know if you know, but if you dont, you should take a look in www.polanoid.net so, if you do would you tell me your nickname in the site plz? and if you dont I hope you will upload your pics too;)
have a nice week end.

stéphanie said...

my mail :

stéphanie said...

stéphanie: shampignouf@aol.com

Richard P. said...

Stephanie, thanks for the comments on my Polaroids. I am a big fan of the Blog treats and Treasures. I just found it a couple of weeks ago and now I check it everyday. I will keep you posted if I join Polanoid.net.....take care

Anonymous said...

Great work ! It is hard to know to stop working on a piece and it is also hard to produce work every day, well not really hard but, I'm not always motivated I guess.Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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