Blue noon

Check polaorid for words......more to come

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scott hammond said...

i really like what you're doing with these images.

great work.

you may not know, but polaroid is ceasing production on all of their film. by the end of next year, it'll be all gone.

they are looking for someone to purchase the rights to make the film, however, which i think has a strong chance of happening since there are about 30 million of us out there that use the film.

so there's a petition now that will hopefully do one of two things:

make polaroid corporate reverse their decision (probably not) or make a smaller specialty company realize there is a market for polaroid film (possible).

but we need signatures. lots of signatures.

help keep this art form alive and prosperous for years to come!


-scott (www.thelovelyroad.com)

ps-spread this link all over the web. tell your friends, coworkers, customers! post to your blog, myspace, facebook!



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