This Polaroid almost didn't make it. I know its sad but their are Polaroids that don't see the light of day. I was making this one, and it just wasn't working. But I"m learning to breath and to relax a little better. So, I sat it down for a while and went back to it. Is it compared to the USA saving the world from the Germans?......Absolutely NOT but to me its a surprising save.

On a second note, I had a great weekend. My girlfriend and I stayed home this Friday and watch a little movie called Snatch, and the next morning I went Duck hunting with my good old friend Cannon kirby. And what do you know I got one duck..Started off like a dream then my shooting skills went down hill fast.....O well it was fun, if you want to see the beautiful Blue Wing Teal go over to FLA Duck Days......peace

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Megan said...

I like this one a lot! Are you going to be in [5]art's Polaroid Show next week?
Thanks for visiting Artsqueeze - I'm glad to have found out about your work.


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