O Polaroid #3

Hey guys I added an email subscription to my blog. So sign up and everytime I post a lovely image...and yes they are lovely you get an email....Well I'm off to the studio, I need to get the mojo working, peace


Rebecca said...

Hi Richard,
Glad I came across your blog! It was nice to go back and see what you have been up too. Your work is still outstanding - I love the 2 pieces I have.
All my best,

jen said...

i really like these new simple polaroids you have been doing... this one and the lake morton water polaroid are lovely... nice work, richy!

miss ya!

vanckirby said...

they wont stay that simple. trust me.

BRC said...

nice work man, thanks for the comment!
right now i am working with a Polaroid One600. I would like to expand my collection. I hear a lot about SX 70's, and a friend of mine has an Impulse. Do you have any advice?
Eric K. Boucher

Janie said...

You're already in my Google Reader :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

maditi said...

I really like lovely polaroids :)


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