Vanishing Land

By Richard Pearson
My 1st book of Polaroids is published. Please check it out and let me know what you think. All the profits go to buying more polaroid film Here is the introduction that I wrote for the book. I"ll be pushing the book pretty hard since I"m trying to raise money for more film.

The Polaroids selected in this book convey a sense of change that is taking place in America. Some of the objects, and ideas found in these Polaroids will no longer be of use or maybe even fazed out all together because of the information age that we are in. The words at the bottom of the images relate to many different things. They are a key ingredient to the piece as a whole. As for the meaning behind the words and the images, I will leave that up to the reader.

Make way on your shelves for one more nick-nack and when your kids ask, "What is that?" You will pick up a book instead of letting them hear the sound of the camera. O, that sound, O that feeling of seeing an image come to life.  Little pieces of America are vanishing right before our eyes.......... Click on the link to order the book. A hardcover is $36.00

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