Pain Advances

Polaroid Collage created on August 20, 2008.

Do you think Pain advances mankind? I would have to say it does. Both good and bad. Think about the lost of a love one. And the pain you go through when they are no longer around. That pain makes you stronger, makes you appreciate the time and lessons that you learned from that loved one! Its something we all go through with a number of situations. It changes our outlook on life and on society. This world, this America would not be the same without Pain. Nor am I...........

How many of you guys like Ben Stein? I just read an article by him published by the New York Times. I would love to post the article on my blog, but afraid I might get sued by NYT. Anyway, its about how we are getting chained to the devices and technology of our times. And how its making us un-connected with ourselves and with others.... A really great article. Worth you time reading.............. Connected,Yes, but Hermetically Sealed

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