Superbowl XXXVII

My dad and I have been Buccaneer fans for as long as I can remember. Actually I was going to the Tampa Bay games before I was even born. Yes my mom and dad had season tickets the 1st year they started in the NFL,1976. I was born Feb 1977. As soon as I was old enough I was going to every home game with my dad. No matter how bad they were, we always kept going and let me tell ya during those years they were really bad. It didn't matter to us, we lived and died every sunday come football season. Shortly after my first year of college dad got rid of the tickets. The Bucs were becoming a good team so must of the games were on Tv. It didn't use to be that way. I remember mom would leave the room because we yelling at the Tv (can't watch football and not yell). Come to think of it, thats the only time I ever heard my dad yell. Well to make a long story short. As soon as the Buccaneers beat the Eagles I was on the computer looking up flights to fly to San Diego. Didn't mind if we didn't have tickets we were going! Found two Flights $350.00 each. Called Nick Lococo a buddy from College and told him we were flying out to SD and asked him if he could get us tickets to the game. He said, "Yeah right." Well couple of days later, Nick calls me back and says he has two tickets for face value($400.00) So we got on the plane and flew to San Diego, California to see the Buccaneers play in the Super Bowl The whole plan ride was smooth. We were smiling the whole way. It was like being on Cloud 9 I know it. Anyway, You could have put us in with the luggage and we wouldn't have mind. Well we get out to SD and Nick picks us up and shows us all around. Later that day Nick's dad approaches us and says, "There is a problem with the tickets. The guys wants more money he is afraid we were going to sell the tickets for more money. Nick's dad being the good Sicilian kindly tells the man, "You quoted me a price and thats what I told the people from Florida." Well we ended up with the tickets at face value. And the rest is probably one of the greatest times and memories that I had with my dad...words still can't do it justice.

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Patrick Cavan Brown said...

words never will... but your dreams always will...


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