Beyond The Gate

It has been a challenge for me to post lately. Just look at my archive and you will see a steady decline. Often I wonder if there has been a decline in my work also?  Maybe this is because I'm finding it harder and harder to find time to create.  Part of that is because I'm riddled with A.D.D just ask my wife she will tell you.  No telling how many Polaroid collages I have made but the simple question is.  Do you see a progression or recession? Every artist wants to know if he/she is moving forward.  I hope my timeline doesn't reflect today's congress that is for sure!  There are ups and downs with every artist but I'm learning to cherish and be thankful for the times that I do get to create and also realizing that it doesn't always have to be about Art.....Creating can be about lasting relationships with others, bringing joy to someone that doesn't expect you to, making a dinner for your family. Bottom line we all create something not because we want to but because WE HAVE to..... 

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