Yellow shirt

One of my favorite things to do everyday is check out Shirt.Woot.com  they sell a different shirt everyday of the year. Some good some bad, you have to catch them on their good days.  I have bought 3 total shirts so far. The yellow shirt being one of them. I thought the design was really clever. You can't tell from the picture but its the human body with the birds in place of the organs jpg image. When I got the shirt in the mail. I opened it up and a light appeared in the box because it was so yellow.  It didn't look that yellow on the site, O well, its one hell of a shirt. Now Alison and I both have yellow shirts that we can wear when we go out together!  Aaaa thats so sweet. Couples that dress the same are awesome!! If you ask Alison she would tell you, 'O hell no they are not.' By the way on this day I had to change my yellow shirt but its only a matter of time.......


Ana said...

Fun picture! Alison & Bo are the same person. So I can say from experience, she will probably not change her mind on the matching thing. :)

Claire said...

Alan and I have a matching ensemble. We wore our outfits to your wedding, in fact. It involves pink, purple, and polka dots. Rock on, Matchers!


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