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What do you get when you look at Dan Ryan's blog: A Dream of White Horses?  Polaroid, Polaroid and more great Polaroids: His images have that timeless feel to them. Some photographers think they can achieve this just by shooting Polaroid film, this is not always the case.  You have to have great material, a vision, an a understanding of your craft. Once you have mastered all that, then you got it.  Your own "Look." Its something every photographer wants and what many try to mimic with the help of photoshop and crazy filters bought at your local 7-11.  To me looking through Dan's blog is almost like seeing into the future.  What it might look like after its all said and done. With all the light leaks and the odd things that you can't control with Polaroid film, he is taking advantage of one thing that you don't get anymore with photography these days. Its a simple word called surprise.  He is shooting in the Digital Age with integral film and making those photoshop junkies look silly! Keep up the good work.


Toy Camera Play said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing!

caballosblancos said...

Hey man. Wow, thanks a lot. Super nice of you. And glad you like...



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