October 14, 2010

O how I miss you.  You held us up, and built us up.  I never thought about fear while you were here.  I never realized what you meant when you use to say, "Someday this will be yours." I wonder if we did everything we could?  You put meaning in the smallest things.  I'm thankful and grateful for what you left me and what you taught me.  I'm trying not to dwell on those last couple of months but boy it is hard. No one never told me how hard it would really be.  I can hear your famous words now,"It will be alright." I always thought we had more time. I realize now those little magical moments with family and friends have the most meaning. I have so much to tell you, share with you.  So many wonderful things have happened in my life and I wish we had time so I could share them with you....

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