October 20, 2010

A photo a day for the whole month of October.  Taken with a little point & shoot film camera.  I'm calling it Embedded InThe Emulsion.  An idea that centers around digital media and how we think it will last forever.  The bottom line is we still don't know how long digital media will last.  The possibility of losing images due to some hardware issue is far greater than an image ever fading off of the emulsion.  I understand why film has lost its appeal in our society, we don't want to wait X amount of days to see what it looks like, we want it now.  Thats just how we are.  We are in light speed when it comes to media and data.  But I also think there is a push to get back to film, a push to slow down and really think about the photo at hand.  Long live film. I know I want to start shooting more of it.  I really enjoyed this little project and I'm hoping you are too. 11 more days and 11 more  blog post to go.  Take care folks.....

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