October 9, 2010

  • Tasted Bookers Bourbon for the 1st time
  • Found a killer new Salsa
  • Changed the name of Cornhole to Teabagging thought that was more tame.
  • Watched the LSU FG holder beat the gators with a bounce pass off the ground cmon man
  • figure out that every sunset is a profound moment and needs to be remembered in your mind
  • Drunkcalling is never fun when your the person on the other end @ 5:00am
  • Got a Request to bring Lemonade and Fantasy Football Players to the party
  • Found a huge stuffed seal on my bed and I was glad my bed wasn't wet

1 comment:

Mark said...

I like Bookers Bourbon, although for some reason I prefer Knob Creek. I need to ruminate on why that is...

Thanks for the link on your Cornholing/Teabagger point.

I really enjoy browsing your blog, thanks!


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