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Last  weekend  we were down in Boca with some great friends.  While I was down there I realized a couple of things, about that wonderful place called Boca Raton.  1st and formost don't order Pork Chops anywhere while your down there. By doing this you will avoid countless  hours on the can.  Also, I don't know where your from but where I come from when we see an emergency vehicle we tend to stop or pull over to the side of the road and wait until they pass.  Not in Boca!  If your stopped at a light that just turned green and your waiting for a fire truck to pass and people start laying on their horns.  Don't freak out, it's normal! Either everyone needs hearing aids, or people think their cars are going to catch on fire when the firetruck passes by I don't know.  A few other things...If your not on The List well, your shit out of luck, cocktail hour doesn't mean drink until your dancing on the ceiling, Boca Raton is the WORLD Headquarters of OfficeDepot(this I did not know!), if you run into a Dj that hasn't heard of Outkast your at the wrong party or he/she thinks Hip-Hop is an exercise routine, if you happen to be at a wedding during sunset consider yourself blessed, and last but not least, if your turning left and only left make sure you do so at a pace of a snail. Most people attempt the BocaLeft in the right lane of a 4 line highway. Bottom line people in Boca are on a different planet.  We did met some incredible people while we were down there and as always Boca never fails to impress. Enjoy your weekend...

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