Top 10 Albums Of 2010

Sufjan Stevens

My #1 album of the year is The Age of Adz by: Sufjan Stevens.  This album took me to a different planet.  Almost like when Radiohead came out with Ok Computer or the 1st time I heard Gnarls Barkley, The odd Couple.  On the break of retirement this summer Sufjan left his old sounds behind and birth a masterpiece.  An orchestra of heaven.  The whole album feels like its from the future.  To leave your old sound behind and take on something new and make it work to me is pretty remarkable.  A lot of bands try to change their sound and just fall short. My hat is off to you Sufjan! You had a sound that was strictly yours and now you have another...

Arcade Fire

The best thing exported out of Canada since Molson Lager is? Arcade Fire.  No matter when this band puts out an album its an epic event. As of now there has been 3 albums and I already can't wait for the next one. They bring a captivating and complex sound like no other. Unlike there last two albums people in the U.S. are starting to catch on to their greatness.  No song is bigger than the other.  It flows like a gem from beginning to the end. 

The Black Keys.

Ever since Ben Blackstone brought over Attack & Release I have been hooked on the Black Keys. I got to see them live at HOB in Orlando.  It was quite amazing .  Two dudes, one jamming on the drums, the other playing guitar and singing. This album is by far there deepest  and best one.  Their beats are channeled from the old Wu-tang days.  (i.e. Tighten up)  They are jamming like no other. Their lyrics are stories  from the golden days of the hollywood film noir.  Heavily influenced by the Blues but with sounds that makes you want to put your hands in the air and shake it like a polaroid picture.

Beach House

The dreamy sounds of Victoria Legrand. Each album they put out I grow more fond of her and her voice. Also I'm a sucker for the piano that she plays.  There is something about this album that makes your feel at peace after a listen.  Teen Dream is an emotional album filled with great keyboards and razor sharp guitars from Alex Scally.  All the emotions that love bring both good and bad are sprinkled throughout the whole album. 

Kanye West
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Say what you want about Kanye as a person but the boy can make music. I'm not one to follow his twitter feed or watch him when he's on Tv. I don't  read the reviews about his albums.  All I do is que the CD on my ipod and press play and I hear flow like no other.  The beats from this album would make the eye of the tiger look like a sesame street song for sissy's. I did hear someone say that Kanye's music is all about the beats and the tempo, which drowns out the lyrics making them irrelevant.  I have to disagree with that. I believe Kanye and his lyrics are front and center and Kanye wouldn't have it any other way. 

Band of Horses

If you looking for an album that you could play and play and never get sick of.  You will find it here.  Its that way for me. I go to this album all the time.  This is by far there most polish album and worth a listen or two or three.

Janelle Monae

The debut album for Janelle Monae has it all.  Taking soul, blues, rock, rap, R&B, you name it. She mixes it all in on this album.  Discovered by Big Boi also produced by him and Sean Combs. What a great start for her, excited to see what she does in the future.  

Mumford &  Sons

I got this album early November. After the 1st listen I thought. Man these guys are great, lots of energy and great sounds.  Any other year this album would have been my top 5. You'll love the sound and its hard for me to believe they are from London. 

Vampire Weekend

The 1st album was great well guess what this one is too. You got to love the different sounds and melodies bouncing around this album.  And come on they name it Contra!  One of the greatest words outside of the word Katie Holmes.


My surprise of the year is Caribou, Swim, Not much singing going on in this album but damn does it flow. I'm becoming a big fan of Caribou, I actually blogged about their past album. Daniel Snaith is the only member of this band. Yet another great Canadian. What the hell are they doing up there!?  Well heraaahayyy for Canada. Two bands in the top 10 and probably more people that I don't know about! O by the way that Molson Lager is one hell or a beer.

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