In The Valleys Wild

This Polaroid was completed in 2005, it is a tribute to William Blake. The site is a great resource for his works, some of the stuff I never seen before. On the home front. I ordered my frames for the Boca Art Festival. Things are coming together slowing but I think by show time I will be ready. I still have to do a few more Polaroids. Its always hard to judge how much work you should display. Well, I hope you guys have a great Friday. Please if you visit RapidView, leave a comment. I'll hit you back with a thank you or a whatttssssup....And if you have any ideas of how to get this blog out into the cyber world.....Drop it on me


Patrick Cavan Brown said...

that little face peaking out below the flower is freaking me out, man...

vanckirby said...

lookin' good! when do we start framing the new ones up?


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