Guess what Florida faces its coldest days of the year. And I don't have any heat.....my space heater went out at the end of winter last year and I have yet to tell my landLord. I guess it is time to break out the sub-zero sleeping bag..... yes sweet days are ahead. This Polaroid was part of the original 20 that I display for Platform Florida. I was sad that it was sold but its hanging I'm sure in a warm house with lots of heat. o sweet summer, bring me dreams of bikinis and 100% humidity.


Patrick Cavan Brown said...

what is cold in FL? 58? 57? not that it is much different here in sunny tejas.... forget the sub-zero bag...how about a sub-zero girl...or at least a sub-zero dog! To be high is to be elevated...

vanckirby said...

yeah, what patrick said!


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