Full Swing

Mayfair By the Lake is in Full Swing. Thats why there has been not so many post. If anyone can speak French...let me know! I wrote down what the saying said, but now I can't find it.....So I as of now, I have no idea what this Polaroid says. Well might be the last post for the week...Enjoy and lets hope they don't find me in Full Swing before this whole thing is said and done..............peace


crossgirl said...

it says, FREE ART!

crossgirl said...

or something about pretty woman, no mercy.

Megan Edge said...

something about a beautiful lady without thanks.
who the hell knows. they laughed at me in france. the southern accent and bonjour just didn't mix all that well for those months. =)
beautiful country though and a beautiful image!

Janie said...

A/The? beautiful woman without merci. But then, I failed French, so who knows?


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