Return to the Beginning

For sometime I haven't felt like doing anything art wise since good old Mayfaire but coming out of my sleep, I realize I have to get my butt moving for my next show or there will be no show. Its time to get going again! Wake up the cows, jump back on the saddle,, yeahhhhhhoooooo heree we gooo... I must return to the beginning somehow and find the motivation to get the work done. I hope it will come back. I don't want to turn into a cookie cutting machine. The place has a lot of walls to fill and I'm only 5 foot 7................

I would like to welcome two close friends of mine to the world of blogging. So glad you guys are in cyber land with us.
CornFlower Blue
FiX It In PhotoShop
Check out there links...leave them some feedback, nothing like good old feedback.....don't have to say much....just a little letter or two puts a smile on my face....I'm sure for them it would do the same.


Video Editor said...

cha cha that pic is sweeeeeet. me wanty, you still havey?

Richard P. said...

yeah its still in the safe

Ryan Wilson said...

Wait one second there, CHUCKER!!! (i.e. - Josh)

This polaroid that good ol' Cha-Cha has dreamed up happens to be one of my favorites. For those who pay close attention to and appreciate Richard's art, you would know that this polariod is actually part of a larger work...The Empty Book Series...#2, to be exact. And for that matter, you would also know that it has already been posted to the Rapidview blog. (See March 24th - Return to the Beginning)

As you will see in the comments on that date, #2 is my favorite of the entire series (see also comments from Ryan on March 22nd, the launch of the series to the Rapidview blog).

So CHUCKER...looks like we may have a battle on our hands here. Based off my previous comments, I'm claiming dibs on this one!!!

Richard, don't be givin' that thing away just yet...

Video Editor said...

Poor little Ryan, I hate to point out that though you may be more in touch with the Cha Cha's work, I would also have to point out You have known about this piece for more than THREE (3) months and yet it is "still in the safe"! How long can you expect such a great artist to sit on a piece while you make up your mind? I expressed interest immediately, which I believe to be the greatest complement to Cha Cha’s work. Point, counter point!

vanckirby said...

he has a good point. but i think i can settle this... i will take it. i mean i do own more richard allen pearson originals then both of u "chuckers" put together! and it was my daughter that gave him the lovely name cha cha anyway

Video Editor said...

Stay out of this, No Ninja!

Ryan Wilson said...

Alright Cannon...nice effort to try and mediate the current dilema, but sorry...your solution sucks. First off, the fact that you own more RP originals than either of us has no bearing on whether or not you deserve this unique piece of art. If anything, it merely means that you need to quit HORDING all of Cha-Cha's work. Spread the wealth buddy! Secondly, don't try to throw the Fern card in there. We all love her and the great new nickname she has bestowed on our friend, but it's better that she not get mixed up in the current drama.

Now Josh, the foundation of your whole case is like a house built on shifting sand...or in more relevant terms, a house built near the gigantic sinkhole at Scott Lake (HA!). You expressed interest in the polariod alone. Unfortunately for you, "Return to the Beginning" is not available as just the polaroid. The polaroid in question is tied inextricably to another work of art. So essentially what you were asking for doesn't exist in and of itself. Therefore, it is impossible for you to claim it. As the great Vizzini from The Princess Bride would say..."INCONCEIVABLE!!!"

Yes, you said you like the polaroid, but do you like the polaroid as displayed in the medium of the Empty Book Series? Who knows...because you had no idea that's how it was portrayed. However, it is very clear based on my comments to the Rapidview blog that this is one of my favorite of Richard's pieces.

As for the length of time I have known about the piece, The Empty Book Series was created in preparation for not only the Boca art show in March, but also for Mayfair here in Lakeland. While available individually, Richard also had in mind to sell them as a set. So I was looking out for my boy RP from a business standpoint by not breaking up the set before he had a chance to make some serious bank. The same rationale applies today, as he is prepping for his next big show here in Lakeland in September.

As for "expressing interest immediately" being "the greatest complement to Cha-Cha's work" it is clear that I expressed great interest in the piece, not only upon seeing it in person, but also reiterated and documented in my comments to the blog.

That being said, I am therefore further solidfying my stake in said piece, The Empty Book Series, #2 - Return to the Beginning by stating, "cha cha that pic is sweeeeeet. me wanty, you still havey?"

So, Josh...TOUCHE'...no, actually GAME OVER!

Richard P. said...

Guys....guys..I'll settle this..........The Bid starts at $200.00.....do I hear 2????????/

Video Editor said...

i feel sure that richie would be happy to sell this piece, at anytime. so i give you one week to put your money where your mouth is, or who knows what may happen.

-check (mate)

Ryan Wilson said...

Checkmate...please Josh, is that all you got? WEAK, WEAK!

Clearly your case has collapsed and you have no ground on which to stand. Amazingly enough, throughout all this banter let it be noted that not once has CHUCKER commented as to whether or not he even likes the complete work of art that is "Return to the Beginning." Not once has he even mentioned an appreciation for The Empty Book Series. Case closed!

Cannon, as mediator, you may now way in on this case...yet again. Any more rational recommendations this time? (based on the facts, of course)

Richie...$200 bones! Help a brotha out. The irrefutable, resounding defense of my position combined with an extensive knowledge of your portfolio, appreciation for and breadth of understanding on the Polaroid Collage has to count for something.

Video Editor said...

Ryan, this has gone on long enough! You remind me of an old lady who enjoys talking to telemarketers, but never buys anything. In fact, you ARE an old lady who likes to talk to telemarketers and never buys anything. Either pay out or sit it out, I’m trying to conduct business here! I have acknowledged your feeble argument of first dibs by giving you a week to purchase. As for your ridiculous comment about waiting until after Cha Cha’s show(s); that argument holds no water with me sir, as I know that Cha Cha will most likely ALWAYS have an upcoming show for his FINE art. I want to make a move on this piece of work before it is gone. You see Chap-T Boy, Cha Cha is a businessman, and I am quite sure that he will sell it to me or you if get off napkin selling butt and make an offer.

One week sir, correction 6 days left.

vanckirby said...

i think the work should go to whomever wants to pay for it. i wouldnt hold on to a piece just cause someone "said" they wanted to buy it. i "might" consult them first before selling it to someone else, might. but if they havent put the money in my pocket, the piece is still for sale. such is the life of a struggling artist. btw, i wouldnt pay a dime for that pos. hehe, just kiddin

Richard P. said...

do i hear $259.99????


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