Story of Esther

Guys sorry I have been gone for a while. I'll post some more before the week is out. Got some good news. A lady that collects my work wants to buy 4 more of my Cuba/mexico pictures. On top of that she is also buying my Bogart and Bacall Polaroid Collages. That is really good news. I have starting working on my next show which will be in Sept. I will send postcards to all my friends very soon. Keep checking your mailbox

I think in AUG, I'm going to give the Polaroids a break and post some of the images from Cuba/mexico, Its a good time to break away from it, while I'm working on some new material. Well good times to come...going to see my first baseball game of the year. Should be fun boys, can't wait for Monday!!!!!!

may peace find you all......


Video Editor said...

Great news cha cha. see if she wants to also collect and produce ($) short films.

vanckirby said...

good news bro. glad to hear u are selling

Megan Edge said...

that's incredible rich! good for you. and i want on your mailing list for your next show, please! i hope you are well.


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