Hands of Men

Dominos......is a huge game down in cuba! They love it. They play a little different then we do. Each time a set is over you take a shot of RUM. YES i made this misteak...not knowing this and it was like 10 O' clock in the morning. I held my own till the 5th shot kick in!


vanckirby said...

we should play some dominos!

Ryan Wilson said...

I'm game...official CUBAN rules, shots and all!

vanckirby said...

i dont know about that!

Richard P. said...

yeah, lets play....you guys get the dominos and I'll buy the shots!!!

Ryan Wilson said...

Done deal...I'll get the dominos.


jen said...

i love this pic, cha cha.
as far as the dominos... i think you boys wouldn't make it past 3 sets.
light weights (ryan, that does not apply to you, you keg standin' foo)!!!


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