Walk of youth

This was taken in Havanva during their independence day. They walk along the Malecon. Different sections of the city wear different color T-shirts. Its pretty amazing to watch. I didn't get very many good shots on that day, I was in search of Fidel. I did see his motorcade but by the time I realized it was him, they were gone...He always walks in the front...but its only a couple of blocks...and then he is off... to God only knows where!


vanckirby said...

dont miss out on post number 100 over at fladuckdays.blogspot.com

Ryan Wilson said...

Been there, done that Cannon.

Considering I'm not a "comment whore"...I was honored to be the first to congratulate you on #100.

Richie...lov'n all the Cuba pics. Keep at it Chucker. You'll get to 100 eventually...HA!


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