The Medicine Man

This month I will be showing you guys images from Mexico. All taken with a digital camera. It was really fun shooting digital because we could edit on location.. The story behind this picture is.

I was shooting a little girl on a balcony. Well she saw me and ran back inside. So I was waiting for her to come back so I could get my shot. Beautiful colors, they had flowers all around the balcony. Well she never came back outside so I starting yelling.....about that time I got a tap on my back, I look around and its this guy, I'm like O shit thats his little girl up there and here I am yelling at her to come back outside.....To make a long story short, he wanted to show me something special. Its a calf with two heads.. Born in some town that we were staying in. He was really proud of it... as you can tell by the way he posed for me.

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Video Editor said...

Cha Cha harasses children, ha ha


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