A Visual Journey

I'm having a art show at Mitchells Coffee House on Sept 1. All the information is there if you would like to come. I decided to call the show A Visual Journey because the show will have a collection of my work from the beginning to now. And the other reason is because there are a lot of walls. The picture you see on the flyer will not be in the show.........on that note

this is my 100 post!!!! yeah I made it.. thanks to all the peeps that check out my blog!

now go and do the right thing....


jen said...

Wish we could be at your show, bro!!! Good luck! hopefully you will get some sales from such a high traffic local.

Video Editor said...

sweeeeeeeeeeet flyer. i KNOW you did not make that yourself. did ryan help you?

good luck with the show sir!

Richard P. said...

i made that myself!!!! yup sure...eeeenough

vanckirby said...

congrats on 100, finally!

Ryan Wilson said...

Congratulations Chucker...100! And don't take that crap from Cannon...you can beat him to 200.

Looking forward to your show...postcards look good.


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