myth of Stardom

to tired to think of words... hope everyone is having a good week.


Britney said...

How do you keep cranking this stuff out? I figured all your creativity would be sucked dry by now by the Disney Monster. =P Seriously, Richard. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Dude stardom is a magical thing, but I can tell you one thing I wouldn't have seen any of it unless it was through your magnificent artwork lately & I thank you. The funny thing is you don't even know who I am & honestly, I believe it all depends on the price that your willing transcend. Then again, if your not willing to either transcend or illuminate something golden then whats the point of the moment? Your words and pics brighten my mind each day & I think your a beautiful artist... So I'll end this in a sweet myth upon an ancient summer lost within a romantic stardom...


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