Self vs. Machine

I, Richard Pearson no longer will let the Machine control my life its time to say goodbye...You served your purpose and now its my turn to be committed to the things that are important in my LIFE. I have wasted valuable time and energy trying to play your game, almost lost friends, family, and a relationship with the Lord. You will not hold my creative abllity in box, you will not make me feel disposable, the abuse is over and the happy face is gone. You will be forgotten, and I will never look back...never look back.......


vanckirby said...

you tell that mouse...uh...i mean machine!

jen said...

Way to stand up to that machine, Richie!!!! Roar!

Thanks for sharing all your many pics with us all the time... I really love seeing through your eyes (even if I don't comment as much as I look... oops)

Keep up the good works Cha Cha!

Britney said...

Oh, I get it. Really? Did you quit? Really?


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