Self vs. Week

Wow, what a week. This week has been one of the strangest weeks in my life. I don't know where to start. I was driving out on some back roads in FLorida and I hit a buzzard. Have you ever hit a bird while driving? If you have you know the sound it makes. Well take that and add....BOOM. I thought I was dead, I was going like 70 and he/she hit the windshield, i was for sure it was going to come through the windshield. Or lets see, I met this girl, and we were talking about Tv shows. Now get this, she has never seen a single episode of The Simpsons. I thought wow, I have never met a person that hasn't seen The Simpsons. Thats impossible, you know living in America. I guess not! Then, I go to this party, pool party you know lots of drinking. Well come to find out, that swimming makes you more tired than drinking! I had two beers and a lovely Mojoito and I slept like baby....I think i'm going to take up the swimming.........There was some other stuff that happened but I will not bore you with my roller coaster week. I do know, that life needs those buzzards to clean up all the crap in this world...may God save the buzzards.


Elisabeth said...

nice pic. u look very serious..

Britney said...

That's a lot of product in your shower for one person. =P High maintenance!


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