I love the Shadow on the wall behind the lady.  Sometimes the shadows are far more interesting then what is really going on with works of art. This is the 6th Paper Collage and I have one more to show you guys.  I would love to hear thoughts on the small body of work.  The 7th one will be out next week, so please get your thoughts ready!  We have been so busy the last couple of weeks.  I have been really sick with a wicked cold. Just now getting over it.  We have moved out of 938 1/2 E. Palmetto.  I will miss that place, it was a great little hut.  The Palmetto name will still be used when I make up drinks on the fly.  Palmetto Stinger, Palmetto Bug, Palmetto Blues, and of course the Palmetto martini.  Mind you if you ask me to make you one of these drinks, it would be different each time!  Alison and I have bought a lovely house in the greatest City in Polk County, no need to mention the name, all folks know where I'm talking about.  Lord willing, we will close on or before November 20th.  More words to come.....


Anonymous said...

hey man, digging your paper art. i dont check in here as much as i should, but when i do, im glad.


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