beauty breathe

Well we are back and I almost forgotten how to blog.  That is beside the point.  I'll try to blog new works as best I can.  Lots of stuff to share with you guys.  So much has been going on since my last post, don't really know where to start.  We will just start with this Polaroid made last year(2009).  Everybody needs to breathe a little beauty, the only problem is we all have chains that weigh us down.  Lets be thankful for the things we do have and the things that bring us together.  And let us break the chains so our beauty can breathe.......


boxfotos said...

Love the image!

Patrick Cavan Brown said...

Beautiful!! One of my favorites. Just showed it to Katie and she loves it too. ShadowDetails will be up and running one of these days soon... "A Photographers Cooperative..." Send more images to me!


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