Spotface; An Interview

Blog:Welcome back R.Pearson
Rp: Its good to be back
Blog: What happen to your face?
Rp: Got some bad shit from the sun, they had to cut me, thats why you can't see my face.
Blog: Are you better now?
Rp: There are days when I feel like kicking the dog but I take a shot or two of bourbon my face starts to  heal faster.
Blog: Didn't know Bourbon had that effect on people.
Rp: I guess ya never seen MadMen then.
Blog: Have you been back to the studio?
Rp: No but thanks for bringing it up dickhead.
Blog: So when do you plan on going back to rehab?
Rp: You mean the studio right?
Blog: Yeah yeah, did I say rehab, i'm so sorry.
Rp: Its ok Blog... Very soon, but I said the same thing after the summer of 2009
Blog: Moving on, What do you think about the Impossible Project?
Rp. I guess its good, I haven't used the stuff. The whole thing with it is, Polaroid was an American institution and its just sad to me that we have lost such vital part of that American institution. If you think about how ahead of its time it really was.  I mean, shit, now everyone has some device on them that takes a picture.  Polaroid defined a generation and gave it an identity and today I feel like we are losing that identity.
Blog: Do you plan on using the new film?
Rp: When I run out of Polaroid, I'll take up cross stitching.
Blog: Do you still call yourself an artist?
Rp: I don't think I ever called myself that.  What does that mean anyway?  Has my work ever been in a museum, have I made money from what I have created, I mean what the F$#@ does that mean?  I'm a human that needs to create, I think about creating something everyday. As the saying goes art is in the eye of the beholder.  I've seen pink dogs wearing sunglasses hanging in million dollar museums.
Blog: I feel like you have something against dogs.
Rp: Hell yeah, we give them free food, water, toys and what do they give us? Those damn eyes looking up at you, saying can I have some of your steak? No you can't so get gone.
Blog: What was the best part of your summer?
Rp: Not hearing your voice, Ha ha, just kidding. No, probably swimming in the smoky mountains and baking in a tent during the night. I think I lost 10lbs!
Blog: When was the last time you googled yourself?
Rp: I do that daily
Rp: Are there anymore questions about photography or anything else of importance, shit.I got an appointment with one of those hot rock massage places!
Blog: You like massages?
Rp: yes
Blog: I can give you  a massage.
Rp: We are done here this interview is over.  Have fun writing your F@#$*ing article 

SpotFace,Interview done for Rapidview, 2011 by Blog. Polaroid image ©Rp2003

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Patrick Cavan Brown said...

yay! you are back! love the work... LOVE the interview. :)


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